420mm x 594mm (A2) x 50mm – Tension Fabric – Wall Frame

How to assemble

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420mm x 594mm (A2) x 50mm – Tension Fabric – Wall Frame


An A2 sized 50mm deep wall frame designed to take a tension fabric graphic, stitched with a PVC edge strip allowing the graphic to be quickly and easily changed.



A 50mm deep, anodised aluminium wall frame that when screwed to the wall will take a quick-change tension fabric graphic that can be changed in minutes. Widely used in retail and other display environments because changing the graphic does not require the use of skilled labour. This particular frame is an A2 size of 420mm x 594mm x 50mm.

These frames work best with graphics printed by dye sublimation onto display polyester or block out polyester fabrics. Frames can be produced to any size up to 5m high x any length. The corners and joints of the frame are connected using simple ‘L’ shaped metal plate joints – requiring the use of Allen keys.

Frames are produced in a range of standard sizes – bespoke sizes can be produced upon request.

We recommend a person competent in DIY installs these frames – screwing it to the wall every 500mm. 2 people may be required to make installation easier.

Please note: frames do not come pre-drilled. This can be done upon request, however.











Wall Frame


Silver Anodised Aluminium


10 minutes


Graphics are produced using dye sublimation printing onto polyester fabrics, giving deep rich colours and impressive detail. Choose from a simple Display Polyester, or a premium Blockout fabric.


Yes, all our fabrics are fire retardant making them suitable for use all over the world and in airports. Fire certificates available on request.


Preview Display’s Tension Fabric Framework is guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturing defects.


Products are delivered split and flat-packed into an outer cardboard box/tube depending on frame profile and wrapped in protective foam and bubble wrap, to make shipping more convenient and safer for your Tension Fabric frame.


Our Tension Fabric Frames are made from lightweight aluminium and as such can be easily recycled. Our fabrics are polyester which can also be recycled. The inks we use are water-based dye sublimation inks that contain no VOCs.

Supplying Artwork

Artwork should be produced using the artwork template and in accordance with the artwork guide, which is available as a download below.

Our Artwork template has been designed to be used in Adobe Illustrator. A template layer is included to help you set up your artwork, which will not show in print, but you can hide this layer if desired.