3000mm x 2250mm SEGO Portable Lightbox – Double Sided

How to assemble

View our tutorial video for a guide on how to assemble your product, or download a PDF of the instructions below. If you require further assistance, contact us & the Preview Display team will be glad to help.

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3000mm x 2250mm SEGO Portable Lightbox – Double Sided


The 3000mm x 2250mm SEGO Lightbox is a lightweight, portable and toolless lightbox, designed to take SEG Backlit graphics and can be assembled in minutes by 1 person.



The 3000mm x 2250mm SEGO Lightbox is a lightweight, portable and toolless lightbox, designed to take SEG Backlit graphics and can be assembled in minutes by 1 person. It comes packed in a wheeled carry case, with durable black expanded polystyrene liners, protecting the framework and components inside the case.

The double-sided frame is made from an aluminium extrusion and can be configured with a backlit graphic on one or both sides, depending on your application.

The SEGO system is modular, allowing for a number of lightboxes to be connected either parallel, at a 45° angle or at 90° and configured to make a highly effective exhibition stand.

Using high-quality Philips LED lighting, the lighting connectors are joined together by a series of magnetic LED connectors on wider frames, and a ‘Y’ cable, connecting the top and bottoms of the frames together.

The SEGO system is constructed to CE, RoHs and UL Certifications, so you can be sure this is a safe and superior product.

We also offer this product in a range of other sizes, ranging from 850mm in width, to 3000mm and heights between 1000mm and 2500mm.

Please note: whilst the SEGO system can be used effectively in both double-sided and single-sided applications, we recommend configuring it with a single printed graphic on the front and a blockout reflector panel on the rear to give an even more vibrant printed front graphic.

Ideal for

  • Exhibitions
  • Marketing Suites
  • Retail
  • Shopping Centres
  • Sporting Events

Kit Includes

  • 6x Horizontal Profile Bars (3 Left and 3 Right)
  • 4x Vertical Profile Bars (2 Top & 2 Bottom)
  • 1x Cross Mid Brace (Made up of a Mid Brace Pole & 2 Centre MP Cross Connectors)
  • 6x Mid Brace Poles
  • 2x Aluminium Feet
  • 2x Transformers (With UK Plug)
  • 1x 'Y' Cable
  • 1x 'S' Cable
  • 3x Magnetic LED Connector









20 minutes


Graphics are produced using dye-sublimation printing onto polyester fabrics, giving deep rich colours and impressive detail. Our backlit fabric is specially designed to work with LED backlighting systems, to produce stunning graphics.


The SEGO system uses LED lighting from Philips to guarantee a long-lasting and great quality lighting system.


Yes, all our fabrics are fire retardant making them suitable for use all over the world and in airports. Fire certificates are available upon request.


SEGO is guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects.


Products are delivered packed in a cardboard box, containing the items in their canvas carry case/s surrounded by durable black expanded polystyrene.


SEGO is made from aluminium and as such can be easily recycled. Our fabrics are polyester which can also be recycled. The inks we use are water-based dye sublimation inks that contain no VOC’s.

Supplying Artwork

Artwork should be produced using the artwork template and in accordance with the artwork guide, which is available as a download below.

Our Artwork template has been designed to be used in Adobe Illustrator. A template layer is included to help you set up your artwork, which will not show in print, but you can hide this layer if desired.

If you have ordered a single-sided print, with blockout reflector, only use one of the supplied artboards, and leave the rear blank, otherwise, be sure to include artwork on both artboards.