Tension Fabric Lightbox A1 size x 70mm deep – Wall or Ceiling Mounted

How to assemble

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Tension Fabric Lightbox A1 size x 70mm deep – Wall or Ceiling Mounted

£250.00 £300.00 INC VAT

A premium A1 LED tension fabric lightbox & fabric graphic finished with a silicon or PVC edge strip. Requires a UK mains voltage socket.

Item price: £250.00 £300.00 INC VAT
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An A1 sized LED tension fabric lightbox designed for fabric graphics finished with a silicon or PVC edge strip. The 70mm profile used, makes for our highest quality lightbox, utilising the latest LED technology precisely mounted on a rear panel we are able to provide perfect rear illumination of the most demanding graphics.

This product includes a beautifully printed fabric graphic. This light box is our premium tension fabric lightbox and it utilises our 70mm profile with LED lights mounted on a rear white dibond panel. This product is ideal for images which contain a large amount of white due to the perfect light distribution of the led lights we use. it will also work superbly with busy colourful images

Our 70mm  anodised aluminium frame is super strong and designed to hold the graphic under tension. The power supply for the LED lights is mounted to the back of the lightbox with the cable exiting the side or remaining hidden behind the box. The super-strong construction of this frame allows us to make lightboxes in any size up to 5m high x any width. Standard sizes available, we also produce bespoke sizes.

It can be mounted to either the wall or ceiling depending on your application.

These backlit displays are great for retail, exhibition, event or used within an office environment. Backlighting the image draws the attention of the viewer.

If you have any special requests or requirements for your lightbox including cable length and exiting position, splitting the lightbox into smaller sections for transport/installation or other bespoke options just ask us before ordering as this may affect pricing. We have a default power cable exit position, length, colour and plug type (UK). If we need further information or need to discuss the order with you, one of our team may touch base with you to flesh out the fine details.











Wall or Ceiling Mounted


Silver Anodised Aluminium.


10 minutes


Graphics are produced using dye-sublimation printing onto polyester fabrics, giving deep rich colours and impressive detail. Our backlit fabric is specially designed to work with LED backlighting systems, to produce stunning graphics.


Yes, all of our fabrics are fire retardant making them suitable for use all over the world and in airports. Fire certificates available on request.


Our bespoke range of Tex Light Lightboxes are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 5 years.


Products are wrapped in blue protective foam, cellophane and bubble wrap for delivery using a dedicated direct courier. Products can also be packed into a wooden crate, for overseas delivery.


Our lightbox profiles are made from lightweight aluminium and as such can be easily recycled. Our fabrics are polyester which can also be recycled. The inks we use are waterbased dye sublimation inks that contain no VOC’s.

Lightbox Specification

Mains Voltage


LED Operating voltage


Colour temparature

6500K (+-300K)



LED Lifetime

>36,000 hours

Power Consumption




Supplying Artwork

Artwork should be produced using the artwork template and in accordance with the artwork guide, which is available as a download below.

Our Artwork template has been designed to be used in Adobe Illustrator. A template layer is included to help you set up your artwork, which will not show in print, but you can hide this layer if desired.