Social Distancing Protection Screens

Protection Screens Dont Need to be Ugly! At Preview Display we are proud of our range of high quality Social Distancing Protection Screens.

Our extensive range of Protection Screens are designed to last and use safety glass instead of acrylic as acrylic does not last. We offer a range of designs that are simply stunning.

Protection Screens for offices, restaurants, pubs, schools, retail and industry. Below you will see a selection for the types of industry we serve.

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  • Acrylic Sneeze Guard

    Acrylic Sneeze Guard

    £100.00£150.00 Select options
  • Social distancing protection screen

    Hospital & Medical – Reception Desk Guard – Glazed

    £125.00£300.00 Select options
  • 1m wide x 1.6m high restaurant screen

    Restaurant and Cafe Screen – Straight – Half Glazed & Walnut Wood

    £194.00£315.00 Select options
  • Industrial – Mobile Straight Screen – Glazed (Full Panel)

    £203.00£273.00 Select options
  • Airport Seating Screens – Small Booth – Glazed

    £250.00£350.00 Select options
  • Teachers desk protection screen

    Teachers Desk Protection Screen – ‘L’ Shaped – Glazed

    £471.00£500.00 Select options
  • Acoustic office partitions

    Desktop Guard – 4 Sided ‘+’ Shape – Up and Over – Half Glazed and Acoustic Fabric

    £982.00 Select options

Showing all 7 results