Backlit Fabric Graphic Standard

Backlit Fabric Graphic Standard

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Our backlit fabric graphic standard product is great for backlit applications. An economy product. Available finished up to 4.9m wide by any length.

Item price: £40.00 £48.00 INC VAT
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Our backlit fabric graphic standard product prints beautifully with UV inks. When backlit the fabric gives vibrant colours. The knit of the fabric is such that the fabric has a higher degree of stretch (than our backlit Premium) making it easier to fit to a tension fabric light box.

We do not recommend folding this fabric as the creases in the fabric may show as grey marks on the fabric when backlit. This fabric is supplied rolled.

Available finished up to 4.9m wide by any length.

This product can be finished with a silcone or pvc edge.

For more information about our range of fabric graphic products click here.


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