Display Fabric Graphic

Display Fabric Graphic

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Display fabric graphic is a white polyester fabric printed using dye sublimation. An economy product great for tension fabric frames and pop up graphics where 100% opacity is not required, and the graphics are front lit.

Item price: £1,024.00 £1,228.80 INC VAT
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Display fabric graphic is a high quality knitted polyester fabric, white in colour, which prints beautifully using our dye sublimation process giving rich vibrant colours suitable for all front lit applications. This fabric can be folded, and most creases will fall out when the fabric is stretched under tension.

Widely used for tablecloths, tension fabric graphics for wall and free-standing display frames and also used as an economy graphic for our Revolution Pop Up frame, Display Polyester is not 100% opaque and will show through. Graphics printed with heavy colours will naturally be more opaque and will work well on display polyester.

This fabric can be washed but we advise the customer to check the fire retardancy of the washed fabric as the retardant coating will be reduced after washing.

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Up to 3100mm


Up to 50m





Supplying Artwork

Artwork should be produced using the artwork template and in accordance with the artwork guide, which is available as a download below.