Backlit Fabric Graphic Premium

Backlit Fabric Graphic Premium

£50.00 £60.00 INC VAT

An ultra-fine backlit fabric graphic polyester optimised for backlit application when printed using dye sublimation. Best for images containing blacks. Suitable for all tension fabric light boxes. Price below is per m2 , finished with a silicon or pvc edge.

Item price: £50.00 £60.00 INC VAT
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A backlit fabric graphic material which produces rich blacks on backlighting. This fabric is recommended for high quality backlit images which contain significant black as part of their design.

To optimise the black density this fabric achieves the stretch of the fabric is reduced. This makes it slightly more difficult to fit to tension fabric light boxes however we widely use it for this application with stunning results.

We do not recommend this fabric is folded and we roll all graphics produced on it.

This fabric can be finished with a silicone or pvc edge. When rolling this fabric we interleave the product with paper.

Fabric width is 3.1m wide allowing images to be produced up to 3m wide by any length.

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Supplying Artwork

Artwork should be produced using the artwork template and in accordance with the artwork guide, which is available as a download below.